Brand identity

MBE Department, TU Delft

The Department of Management in the Built Environment (MBE) works towards a sustainable built environment where the interests of the end user and other stakeholders are key. In education and research, MBE focuses on solutions for the development and management of buildings, portfolios and urban areas, paying specific attention to the coherence between environment and design. They ask me to design an image that represents their core mission and values. The artwork I developed is a collage of built environment scenes as well as the various stakeholders involved in – and influencing the process of management such built environments. That is managers, researchers, architects, builders, students, leaders, users and citizens at large.


MBE brand image


iCircle, 2018

The managing director and owner of iCircle Consulting asked me to help him develop a logo for his company. iCircle Consulting offers solutions and advice for public and the private sector in the field of economic development and innovation, with a special view on sustainability issues (eco-innovation, smart specialization, circular economy). We work together to develop a combination mark (lettermark and pictorial logo)  that strengthens three aspects of his brand: Green innovation, Circularity and Simplicity.


Logo with lettermark beneath the pictorial mark

Main logo (lettermark and pictorial mark combined)



Co-Lab, 2017

A research leader at TU Delft approached me with the idea of developing the brand identity for the research she initiated. Co-Lab is a research platform that aims to establish an international relationship between the many different initiatives of collaborative housing across Europe.

The goal of the brand was to represent both a research program and an interactive community, which have a website as the main exchange platform. Together, we developed a logo and a set of icons as the main identity to be displayed in the knowledge platform. The brand’s shapes and colours strengthen the inclusive nature of the research program appealing to multiple actors that belong to the Co-Lab community.

Main logo
Logo for banner versions

The set of icons developed for Co-Lab enhance the Collective nature of housing projects involving activities such as Co-housing, Co-design, Co-deliver, Co-creation, Commission and Consultation among Communities.


Open Bio-Cultural Diversity, 2012

Logo and motto


Real Estate & Housing, 2012

Blue BKTUD Design FCM
Digital illustration for a brochure


This graphic has been featured as the main brand for TU Delft’s coffee cup and vending machines, 2015


ORC, 2011



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